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CHO-WA™ is a Japanese word that translates into English as "harmony." But CHO-WA™ is actually what happens to you when you are in harmony with your world.

CHO-WA™ is that feeling you experience when you fall in love, the feeling you experience when you suddenly find the strength to succeed at something difficult.

CHO-WA™ is the feeling you experience when you sleep in a soft warm bed next to a fireplace, or in a cabin bathed by the warm and soothing glow of moonlight.

CHO-WA™ is the quiet peace you find deep in a forest. CHO-WA™ is the feeling you have when you are completely connected to your surroundings.

CHO-WA™ is what is left when your daily troubles and fears disappear. CHO-WA™ is pure health and happiness.

Experience CHO-WA™ in your life every day and you will know harmony of your mind, body, and spirit.

How to Prepare CHO-WA™

Prepare Cho-Wa

Your CHO-WA™ powder contains a treasured health formula—one deserving of your honor, love, and devotion.

Therefore, the way you prepare CHO-WA™ is a very important part of the CHO-WA™ experience. I suggest that you reserve a porcelain cup or special glass exclusively for CHO-WA™. Then find a special place in your home. It is important to prepare and drink CHO-WA™ in the same place each day. By doing this you are making your CHO-WA™ space sacred, and thus worthy of this great formula. Reserve a time (preferably just after rising), that will allow you to devote at least 15 minutes to your CHO-WA™ experience.

Your commitment to CHO-WA™ is necessary to experience the full health benefits that CHO-WA™ will bring. These benefits are not fully given to people who don't respect the formula.

Now you are ready to begin your ceremony. Place a teapot of hot water, a tea spoon, your special cup, and your CHO-WA™ pouch directly in front of you. Get conformable, relax, then dip your teaspoon into your pouch, fill it, but not too full, and put the CHO-WA™ powder into your cup. Slowly add hot water and begin to stir. As you stir the water try to concentrate only on the peaceful, repetitive, circular motion of the water.

As other thoughts arise—let them go and concentrate on stirring. Soon your thoughts will begin to fade and the circular motion of the water will become dominant in your awareness. The CHO-WA™ herbs are water soluble but will not dissolve quickly; it will take a few minutes. You must continue stirring as you go deeper into your awareness of the present moment.

When you bring CHO-WA™ to your mouth, concentrate on its taste and how your body feels as you swallow. CHO-WA™ is blending with your Ki (life force.) Try to feel the subtle difference it will already be making.

Zen Garden

The important thing to try and achieve while you are experiencing CHO-WA™ is to stay grounded in the present moment. The taste, smell, and sensations that you are experiencing should be foremost in your awareness. Let all other thoughts go and return to your awareness of CHO-WA™.

After you finish drinking all of the formula, sit another minute or two and feel your Ki rising. You may have a sense of energy suddenly shooting up your spine. Don't be alarmed. This sensation is normal. I cannot predict what you will experience. Everyone is unique. But I can assure you that each day as you enter your CHO-WA™ experience, in your special place at your special time, you will be able to go deeper into CHO-WA™.

Cherish CHO-WA™, respect CHO-WA™, commit to CHO-WA™ and you too can experience limitless health, discover the beauty and joy of life, the art of living, and the passion for expression in whatever you do. This is CHO-WA™.


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