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Hero Kumato

I have wonderful news. As you may imagine I get many requests from Cho-Wa clients for other Kumato lab products that can also improve health. One overwhelming need I hear about is for something… anything that might alleviate what you call “irritable bowel problems!” Apparently nothing in the west works to end the suffering of the many people who have problems with their bowels. I hear about different drugs clients have taken in hopes of alleviation or just a little improvement but according to what my Cho-Wa clients are saying nothing seems to work.

In Japan we also have what could be called “irritable bowel problems,” but it was a rare problem and only began really appearing as we Japanese started to adopt a more western diet. Some time ago Kumato Labs developed a very special herbal product called Comoxin that has been remarkably effective for people with irritable bowel problems. There is simply nothing like it in the west and I am pleased to inform you that I am making Comoxin available exclusively for my American Cho-Wa clients.

If you have the chronic urge to relieve yourself immediately or shortly after eating, if you have problems eliminating, or suffer from any bowel related problems then I believe Comoxin will definitely help you restore bowel health.

I believe Comoxin is so effective because it works in a totally different way to help restore bowel health. As you probably know western drugs with a few exceptions work to suppress symptoms by blocking or altering one or more of your body's natural reactions. When you suppress a symptom by blocking or altering a natural body reaction you have the illusion of a cure, but in some cases you actually make the original problem worse. In the case of bowel problems I understand there are drugs that can temporarily provide slight relief from some of the debilitating symptoms, but to my knowledge there are no drugs that can restore healthy bowel function.

Our unique Comoxin formula is based on Japanese traditional herbal medicine that originally comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for a long time, over three thousand years of field testing! TCM believes all life, in fact the entire universe, is animated by an energy they call “Chi.” We Japanese call this life force, “Ki.” There is a female side of Ki called Ying and a male side called Yang. Your body is a small universe connected to the larger universe by this life force Ki which both gives you life, connects you to all other life, and to the entire universe.

In order to be healthy, TCM believes Ki must be balanced and flowing unobstructed throughout your entire magnificent body. When health problems arise it is because the flow of Ki is somehow obstructed or out of balance in the area the problem is manifesting. Through the centuries practitioners of TCM have discovered by careful observation which herbs can safely balance Ki for a variety of health conditions. TCM is without a doubt the most tested and safe method of health restoration known to mankind.

Comoxin is a classic TCM formulation consisting of 22 herbs that specifically work in combination to restore harmonious Ki flow in the bowel and associated areas.

I realize that the TCM understanding of how your body is related to the universe, and how it manifests health by the unobstructed balanced flow of Ki may be entirely new to you and could sound mysterious. But I can assure you that there is growing scientific evidence in the west that supports the remarkable effectiveness of TCM, not the least of which is a clinical study published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) entitled Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome With Chinese Herbal Medicine, November 11, 1998—Vol 280.No.18.

What is important to understand is Comoxin is not a drug. It's not a temporary fix. It is not designed to simply suppress symptoms. Comoxin, a gift from nature, works with nature to support healthy bowel function. The success stories we have received from people who have used Comoxin over the years are truly impressive. I personally think Comoxin is the only formulation for bowel health that can work on a long term basis because of its extraordinary ability to restore harmony to your bowels. Therefore I highly recommend Comoxin if you suffer from any type of bowel problems.

May you be blessed with eternal health.

Harmony is strength®
Dr. Hiro Kumato


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